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Needing to build a new website can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. I can deliver a new website for your business that showcases your products and services in a brand-centric, clean and efficient design. I also supply a checklist of things I need from you to get your site built as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Most consumers now search online for brands and products… AND, importantly, the majority of those people now do so on their mobile device. Your website needs to be able to supply information easily and with a design that is “responsive”, meaning that it looks good on ANY device.


Website out of date? Does it look terrible on mobile devices? Maybe it’s broken or you’ve lost the ability to change information?

Can you imagine how frustrating it is for someone who searches for your site to find that it’s broken, hard to read, or has out of date information?

I can update text, images and information for you, as well as diagnose and fix problems, or suggest solutions to bring your site up to state-of-the-art standard. Sometimes the website software just needs updating… I can do that too.


Keeping your website up to date with current information and technology can be a time consuming exercise. I’m here to help.

From software updates to current contact or product information, I can take care of your website to ensure that it not only provides accurate information to the end-user, but also that it works properly from a technology standpoint to deliver that information.

Talk to me today about your website and what needs to happen with it to ensure everything works seamlessly.


Having a website that looks good on ALL mobile devices, as well as desktop computers is SUPER important these days. The use of devices such as phones and tablets has surpassed that of desktops, as more people search for businesses while they’re “on the go”.

A modern website handles this easily by changing the structure of your site “on the fly” so that it not only looks great, but is also easily readable on smaller screens.

I can ensure that your site is fully “mobile responsive” and ready for any modern mobile device as well as desktop computers.


What good is a website if it doesn’t come up in the search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the other major search engines?

Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky game, but there are certain things that can be put in place on your website to give you maximum exposure in organic online searches.

Let us take care of an analysis and optimisation plan to improve your site’s effectiveness… or, if we’re building a new site for you, we’ll make sure it’s up to scratch from the get-go.



Sometimes, you just don’t know what’s wrong! Page not displaying properly. Your website is slow to load. Contact form has stopped working. Can’t get into your admin area.

Maybe you just want suggestions or ideas about how to move forward with the times… or you’d like to add e-commerce? A check up on your search engine visibility.

I’m available to take a look at your site, run a few tests and give you some feedback on what you need to get done. No obligation, but I can certainly help you with updates.

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