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Quality and reliable website design and maintenance doesn’t have to cost the earth. As a small business myself, I understand that you just need your website to look great, work well and GET FOUND!


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Website Maintenance & Fixes

Quite often I get calls from people who’ve had major problems causing their website to look weird, be slow to respond, or worst case… stop working completely. All websites need to have their code checked and updated from time to time. I can take care of that for you.


Get your website up to spec again. All websites have code that runs in the background to make things work; sometimes lots of different software elements working together. If one or more of those elements gets old and becomes incompatible with other parts, then you’ve got problems. I can check all that for you.

SEO Troubleshooting

Is your website not performing well? SEO requirements change constantly and include a lot of factors for a well-ranking site… so a regular check on your website’s performance is critical. I’ll check over everything and give you a detailed report.


If you need any content on your website updated and either don’t have the time, or just don’t want to do it yourself, then I’m your guy. With just a few emails and phone calls I can get anything on your website updated, changed, removed or even add brand new pages or content.

Built From Scratch

Maybe you’re a brand new business, or just don’t like the look of your current site, then I can help. I can build you a brand new website from scratch to get your business online presence up-to-date with a modern look and easy to use format.


If you’re needing a major update for your website that doesn’t go as far as starting on a completely clean slate, then we can give your current website some major updates. This can include new content, logo updates, software updates and an SEO check.


Do you need your current website to do something new? Maybe you need a new form, including your instagram feed, or adding ecommerce capabilities. I can get all of these things working for you and more. Talk to me today about your requirements.

Website Development

If you need a brand new website, it can seem like a daunting task, and maybe you’ve been putting it off for that reason. I can take you through the process as painlessly as possible. We can have a brand new website built from scratch for you in just a few weeks.


Brand New Website Design

Coromandel’s CFM – Radio Station Website

Local radio station CFM based on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula has been on-air since late 2018. The station needed a website for its new brand which I built for them. The site includes local news, weather, music information, song requests, road information and more. It currently receives around 20,000 hits per month.

Coromandel's CFM | Wesbite Development
Full website design | Moon Under Water


Moon Under Water – Craft Beer Pub

Voted one of Christchurch’s favourite pubs many years over, Moon Under Water were looking for a simpler and more functional website, which includes a menu, UnTapped integration and a booking form.

About Me

Meet Your New Website Guy!

My name is Kieron Atkinson and I’ve been building, fixing and maintaining websites for 15 years. I love the challange of delving into someone’s business to enable their website to work for them online 24/7.

If you need a new site, help with your current one, SEO optimisation, or just some advice… let’s have a coffee!

Kieron Atkinson | Website design and maintenance

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